3 Dark Introvert Truths

Marios Nydras

1/2/2022 1 min read

1. There’s a dark impulse within you, you fear yourself and what you’re capable of doing.

You know you can destroy people with mere words, but you choose not to. This dark part of you may sometimes see the light of day when someone pushes you beyond the red line and you end up nullifying their very existence as you see, feel and read people on a deep level to the point you know their vulnerabilities better than them.

2. No matter how hard you fight, scream or cry, you will never escape yourself.

On the outside your face is stoic as it has always been, however you’re plagued by pain and a self-obsessive effort to purge yourself of flaws, some are from the past, some from the present and some from the future. Not because of society, no, these are dictated from your own individual twisted accord only you can fully comprehend and appreciate.

This immersive type of self-awareness is unbearable at times, an existential prison of your own, made sincerely by you, for you. No amount of self-acceptance, self-care or motivation from outside sources will ever do anything, this is your war, it always has been and it always will be.

3. You can’t “just do” things and the brooding thought that you’ll never get an edge over reality even if you obsess over out-planning it ends up paralyzing you.

Life is unpredictable, there is no perfect decision, no matter how well you have laid out your plans as they can be swept over in a gust of something insignificant you have overlooked. Ironically, you’re perfectly aware of this and it affects your decisions to the point you may end up not doing anything definitive at all. Or if you do… the moment you feel you’ve been making any kind of progress you realize that a lot of time that does not correspond to what you expected has passed and this paralyzes you.