3 Introvert Misconceptions

Marios Nydras

12/5/2021 1 min read

1. All Introverts are shy and all shy people are introverted.

That is simply not true as more often than not shy people have deep problems as in lack of confidence and insecurities that make them afraid of how other people around them will judge and perceive their actions.

Introversion on the other hand is a lifestyle and a conscious choice of being selectively withdrawn and making sure your social interactions have a clear-cut purpose with meaning. There’s no general rule of thumb here, you can be shy no matter what kind of personality you are and as such shyness isn’t tied to introversion and shouldn’t be labeled as such.

2. Introverts don’t like people.

We ideally strive to have our own tribe, a small number of select people we interact with and make sure to give and take some kind of value from the interactions with them. We’d rather have a low number of meaningful friendships than a horde of acquaintances and this can often be misunderstood as not liking people in general.

3. Introverts are negative people.

We might spend more time overthinking and analyzing life in solitude, preoccupied in our own world and while it’s true that in excess it could lead to self-destructive behavior it doesn’t mean that we’re all negative by default, it simply has to be kept in check and not allowed to fester "like a plague".

As an extrovert you can be surrounded by people and feel sad, alone and misunderstood, generalizing this dynamic is pointless because as we all know the human soul is an abyss.