3 Kinds of People I Feel Contempt for as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

1/1/2022 1 min read

1. Passive and unhappy people sleepwalking through life who have succumbed to social conformity and lecture me on how I should be living my life.

The kind that has fallen so far down the rabbit hole, often by their own hand. They keep making the same mistakes, lacking self-awareness or suppressing anything that remotely resembles logic while preaching that what they are doing is the way in order to guilt trip/drag others down their path so they can feel better about themselves.

People who disregard my opinion because of my introversion.

Sometimes even proper communication doesn’t go through the mind of some people. Assumptions will run wild and social proof has more weight than anything else as you’re simply not validated by society enough to matter from their perspective.

3. People who are incapable of doing anything on their own.

As introverts, we have learned that solitude has its own struggles and merits, whether it’s by choice or not. In that regard, I value self-sufficient people and will likely avoid those who don’t align with that notion, those who always need outside aid for everything and deliberately do nothing to improve on that.