3 Pitfalls You Should Avoid as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

12/25/2021 1 min read

1. The garbage notion of "fake it 'til you make it!"

I’m personally guilty of faking extroversion and I still do it to an extent so it’s not like I’m innocent but it comes with a high cost including but not limited to stress, exhaustion, depression and disconnection. To be authentic and genuine is thrown around like candy so take what you will but realize your life comes before what the world values or what your peers say, find a balance, I know I try.

2. Becoming consumed with self-care and self-improvement.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with self-care and self-improvement but like everything it should be in moderation if it becomes an obstacle that keeps you from avoiding problems or making decisions that prolong situations until everything is “just right”. It’s dangerous because you may essentially create and live in a skewed version of reality, a constant comparing process filled with expectations while taking action is but a perception.

It is a reality in which you are lacking the perspective to truly understand the root of your issues because you’re using self-care and self-improvement as a distraction, not a tool.

3. Feeling a sense of responsibility for other people's emotions.

As an introvert you may often absorb other people’s mood regardless if it’s a good or a bad one. The pitfall here though is basing your emotional well-being on how other people feel around you, what you have to realize is that fixing people is not your job or responsibility. If someone cannot deal with their emotions independently, they probably have more issues than you.