3 Problems You May Have as an Introverted Teenager

Marios Nydras

12/26/2021 1 min read

1. Your parents may think you're mentally ill and push you to become more extroverted.

Depending on the mentality of your parents and how much they know about introversion, they simply may not be able to understand you. That can translate to various situations of guilt tripping, boundary violations and attempts to “cure” you.

2. You may feel like you don't belong anywhere.

Outside of a close circle of people you may have been able to genuinely connect with, the rest of the world will feel superficial, overwhelming or boring and what makes you happy will often come into direct contradiction with what’s considered normal by society.

3. You may be bullied by your peers just because you're quiet.

On the inside you may be having the most profound thoughts and learning to express these openly through speaking or writing is a life challenge. However, until you figure out how to stand your ground, it is likely your quietness will be taken as a sign of weakness.