3 Reasons Why Being a Good Listener and an Introvert Is Draining

Marios Nydras

12/23/2021 1 min read

1. Your tendency to internalize other people’s problems as if they are your own can be mentally taxing at times.

As introverts we’re no strangers to the concept of internalizing other people’s problems as if they are our own simply due to how much we focus within in the first place. Listening to someone’s monologue while reading their feelings, thoughts, reactions and subtle cues for what may really be going on is an on-going automatic process we can’t always control and that can be taxing as we mentally put ourselves in someone’s shoes.

2. You may feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders while offering emotional support or advice.

In turn, this leads to empathizing with someone on a deep level and sometimes literally worrying about his or her problems more than the person having them. This develops a sense of overvalued personal responsibility to get that person out of a bad situation which isn’t always possible besides being overwhelmingly draining trying to come up with advice or solutions.

3. Discovering the unspoken “subtext” of why someone is talking to you isn’t always worth your time or energy.

Finally, as you listen you can discover why someone is talking to you to begin with and that isn’t always a pleasant revelation. You may have a savior complex messing you up internally while in reality you are used as a willing mirror, a dump for people to reflect their insecurities on simply because no one else is there or whoever was there left once they realized they’re being used.