3 Reasons Why I Like Night Walks as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

1/6/2022 1 min read

1. The chance for human interaction is lower than daytime.

Most people are inside their homes and the later it is in the night, the more vacant the dimly-lit streets are. Pairing that in with the awkwardness of approaching or being approached by random people makes this the optimal time for a walk.

2. The night ambience has a calming effect.

It allows me to bathe in my solitude as the shadows conceal me. The cool air, the darkness and the muffled sounds in the background make up the aesthetic to engage deeply with what’s going on inside.

3. The night always has time for the different and the deprived.

Life during the day dances to the beat of the drum of western culture and it has a way to stagnate the spirit and the body due to how exhaustingly streamlined it can be, often leaving little breathing room. The dark of night falls and highlights any vulnerability of those who are socially detached, different or deprived of anything they seek but don’t have. This personal realization gives my night walks a twisted sense of belonging, gratefulness and despair.