3 Relatable Introvert Moments in Conversations

Marios Nydras

12/6/2021 1 min read

1. Losing interest in your own talking.

When you feel you can’t really put your thoughts into words the way they sounded in your head (And they’re always better your head), you simply end up giving up on the attempt to speak your mind whatsoever on whatever topic is being discussed at the time.

2. When you realize you overshared.

The line between opening up and sticking to swallow topics can be misjudged. Cringing at the realization you overshared in an interaction definitely serves as a lesson for the future besides the familiar and hilarious 3AM overthought process that might “haunt” you for years.

3. Overthinking your body language.

Depending on who you’re having a conversation with, where your position is in regard to your comfort zone and the context of the interaction, you might be overanalyzing your body language. These moments are best described as if your limbs are being controlled by a puppet master that has drank a Xanax/Red Bull cocktail mix.