3 Signs Your Introversion Is Unhealthy

Marios Nydras

12/28/2021 1 min read

1. You have an overrated sense of intelligence and you aggressively use that notion to prove your self-worth.

Lack of understanding and acceptance from people often due to you not communicating properly can lead you to becoming pretentious and seeing yourself as better than everyone else. However, at the same time you’re a walking contradiction as all of this is born out of insecurity, not healthy self-esteem, so you’re still stuck in the loop of trying to prove you’re better in a self-righteous manner.

2. Chronic stress makes you impulsive, reckless and overindulgent.

This kind of reaction has a name, it’s called grip stress and it happens when everything becomes too much. In essence there’s no focus, you’re not acting like your usual self and you dive in deep to whatever activity (even a self-destructive one) until you eventually feel better no matter the cost.

3. You’re overcritical with yourself and other people.

For the same reasons as the first point, peer pressure and having a hard time finding people who get you can make you doubt yourself and think that nobody likes you. This leads to beating yourself up over anything and everything and since there’s no understanding in sight, you close up more and more while finding faults all around.