3 Small Yet Annoying Things for Introverts

Marios Nydras

12/20/2021 1 min read

1. When you want to be left alone but suddenly everyone needs you.

You know that moment all too well, you have planned some time to be alone and do your introvert stuff when all of a sudden the phone rings, someone calls out to you or texts with a message. There’s something that needs to be done right now and you’re the only one who can help one or more people. Faster than you realize your plans are out the window, mental preparation is nonexistent and inner grumpiness slowly builds up for the rest of that day.

2. When you get reminded about plans you made while in a good mood that you forgot about.

Naive as always with a smile on your face and a temporary feeling of optimism you happily agreed to plans with someone earlier in a certain week. You have prepared everything in your head for tonight, the episodes you might watch, the book you may read, the project you might work on and out of the blue… BOOM: “We’re still on for tonight, right?”

Too late to cancel, you pick up yourself with only your sighs echoing through the house and just go. “I’ll never do that again.” you say to yourself… but you will, RIP sanity.

3. When someone talks your ear off forcing you to listen politely or ending it "rudely".

Auto-pilot small talk mode is on and you’re also a good listener so you’re giving the impression that you care whether you like it or not. The listen/talk ratio is getting messed up and you find yourself sick of listening to whatever rumbling. You have two choices: Either keep listening, acting supportive and dying inside or “I appreciate that you’re talking to me about this but I don’t care.”