3 Struggles Introverts Can Relate With

Marios Nydras

12/24/2021 1 min read

1. Wanting to sleep but your thoughts keep you up.

Wanting to sleep but your thoughts keeping you up as an introvert has become a meme countless times to the point it’s an established fact in the community. A lot of processing happens internally and night-time tends to be overloaded with brain activity that simply denies relaxation as all sorts of thoughts creep in.

2. Expressing your thoughts verbally.

Putting our words into thoughts is quite the struggle as most of the time they may not come out as it was planned out in our head. Fumbletongue, hesitation, stuttering, backtracking and so forth are some of the things introverts can experience, especially under pressure. There’s actual scientific evidence supporting that our brains are wired differently which goes to show why we write more fluently than we speak.

3. Dealing with people who underestimate you because you're on the quiet side.

Finally, there are people that underestimate how valuable of a contribution we can be in any setting or assuming we’re incompetent because we don’t always speak up, that is particularly a struggle for introverts who are also shy. On the contrary though, we may be perfectly capable of going above and beyond in a certain task and actually thriving.

Subverting expectations is a mentally draining on-going challenge and once you grow accustomed to it you begin not to care so much.