3 Things I Dislike About Small Talk

Marios Nydras

12/2/2021 1 min read

1. It’s inauthentic and scripted.

At this point it’s like a recorded cassette in my mind about the weather and the same cookie-cutter questions that you’re going to be asking in a different yet similar order to break the ice. Even if there’s no interest in the interaction you’re going to go through the motions one way or the other.

2. It drains my "people" energy.

As an Introvert the social battery meme has always been relatable more than I care to admit. Having to spend that energy on random irrelevant topics is not worth the opportunity cost in my eyes.

3. It's a necessary evil.

Small talk might not be to my liking but meaningful conversations and actually breaking the ice naturally won’t happen the moment you meet someone. If it happens then you’re probably looking at a huge red flag (classic case of oversharing your life story in the first minutes of an interaction).

It's needed to get a feel for the person in front of you. I think of it like a boxer jabs his opponent in the first round instead of going all-out to judge if he can proceed to be more offensive or defensive and so forth.