3 Things I Don’t Like About New Year’s Eve as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

12/30/2021 1 min read

1. The overhyped excitement around the idea that you MUST have plans for that night and people asking you about it.

I understand the concept of the day (or let’s say night) and respect whatever way people may choose to celebrate it but I’ve found most can be overenthusiastic or pushy about it. I’m not buying into the idea and I don’t think that not having New Year’s Eve plans is a big deal, it’s yet another day in a human creation called calendar for me.

2. People projecting their own fear of missing out on me if the way I see New Year’s Eve doesn’t align with their beliefs.

Your approach to New Year’s Eve may be different than the way society portrays. You might want to spend it alone, sleep or lounge it off with a dose of contemplation, introspection and gratefulness for what the previous year brought into your life. Whatever the case may be and however you decide to go about it, there will be people who project themselves onto you and find your approach to fall in the category of “not living your life”.

3. If you go somewhere, you most likely won’t leave early because you have to stay until midnight.

The introvert meme phrase of “I came. I saw. I left early.” may very well not be applicable in that particular event. Your social batteries are bound to be drained if you end up going out to a place that doesn’t turn out to be as fun as you might have convinced yourself (or were convinced) that it would be. You can probably pull off a quick escape with a pretty good excuse but yeah, it’s a long shot.