3 Things I Don’t Like in Corporate Jobs as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

12/27/2021 1 min read

1. The fake etiquette and trap questions in the job interview process.

Like clowns in a bad circus, the interviewers observe your body language and ask you a variety of questions that are often irrelevant to what the job actually requires. These questions can even be inappropriate, coated with the pretense of transparency, honesty and care while in reality it’s all a minefield, a deck stacked against you by default no matter how they make it look.

2. The unbearable cringe of social interactions during lunch breaks, meetings and events.

The constant expectation of being social is going to barrage you. Depending on the culture of your company you may be swimming in a pit of people getting their perceived social value through needless micromanaging, reassurance and overrated networking in an attempt to build a “family” and sense of belonging in a place where someone goes to earn money in order to pay their bills.

3. The lack of personal space in corporations that have inherited an open office concept.

Loud distracting noises, small talk, gossip and laughter is going to be your ambience. If you’re lucky enough that your company allows headphones your focus will still be thrown off by the amount of movement in your periphery and even if not… your ears will eventually hurt.