3 Things I Don’t Like in Social Media as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

1/4/2022 1 min read

1. The narcissistic idiocracy.

It’s a breeding ground for glorified narcissistic idiocracy full of empty people making valueless content for the sake of warped validation. Every tragedy is turned into an attraction, a joke and an opportunity for these people to make it about themselves.

2. People with actual talent don’t get the recognition they deserve.

They are buried beneath others who record themselves having self-induced strokes in front of the camera. The amount of content lacking standards, effort, value and dignity is off the charts however it’s what gets promoted and becomes viral while artists or in general people who have something genuine and inspiring to offer that not everybody can do are “kept on the bench” at best.

3. It's slowly becoming a twisted substitute for reality.

It serves as a projection where capturing and sharing moments online has become more important than actually enjoying them. This along with the other points has a deeply disturbing influence in society and everyday life. Instead of savoring an activity, whatever it may be, you have people holding up their phones, taking photos, recording and sharing every tiny little thing for everyone else to see online.