3 Things I Like to Discuss in a Conversation as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

12/14/2021 1 min read

1. “What’s really going on in your life?”

Talking about what someone does for a living and the synonym cookie-cutter questions as if it’s an interview, audition or some kind of evaluation for something is beyond me at times, it has its place but not if you want to truly interact with me or expect me to stick around for the future.

I enjoy talking about the dark realities of life and being honest about my truths openly while provoking you to do the same. The struggles, the sorrows, the pain, the darkness, breaking down the facade of human relations… and what you really see when looking at yourself in the mirror, otherwise the interaction in my mind will just be us being “clowns in a shitty circus”.

2. “What’s your idea of happiness?”

Nowadays we’re bombarded from all fronts, whether it’s influencers, this very post written by one guy sitting in his room (that may or may not relate to you), movies as well as peer pressure on the definition of happiness. In a discussion with someone that I click with I’d like to know what would personally make them happy in their life, their ideas, values and mindset.

That will help me with learning things I may have never thought of and show how compatible a friendship or relationship will be with that person.

3. “Summarize what you’re going through lately in one word.”

It’s satisfying to see people trying to come up with one word to describe their current situation as it shows how well they’ve self-reflected if they’re able to summarize it in this way besides having the capacity to open up various topics depending on their approach to this statement.