3 Things Introverts Value in a Friendship

Marios Nydras

12/29/2021 1 min read

1. When you truly listen without interrupting us when we talk.

As introverts, we do a lot of processing internally and when we do decide to talk it’s usually because we have something we consider meaningful to say (even if it may not be). If you go against that consistently you’ll be crossed out, if you respect it, you’ll be valued more than you can imagine.

2. When you don't take our need for alone time and space personally.

We’re naturally distant and crave our peace and quiet as it’s crucial to us. Understand we’re not being passive-aggressive and constant contact is something that can only negatively impact our friendship.

3. When you don't make us feel guilty because we're not keeping in touch the way you'd normally expect.

Staying in touch is not our strong point yet no matter how much it has been since our last contact, our love and value for you remains the same, if not even stronger at times. You’ll earn our loyalty and respect if you’re fine with each having his or her own life and then hanging out/talking whenever with no hard feelings in-between.