3 Tips to Help You Minimize the Introvert Hangover

Marios Nydras

12/9/2021 1 min read

The Introvert Hangover:

The introvert hangover is a slang yet accurate term that has to do with feeling exhausted physically or mentally (or both) when you’ve socialized too much and have undergone what is often called overstimulation. The process that follows is a highly personalized period for each introvert that includes alone time in order to recharge your social battery before feeling ready to have a go at social interactions again.

Subsequently, this post has three tips I find useful on minimizing the effects of the introvert hangover.

1. Test your limits in order to know your boundaries.

Now this might seem counterintuitive but you have to realize that if you don’t actively go out of our comfort zone every now and then, the line between boundaries and avoidance mentality becomes blurry and it transcends introversion into actual insecurities. You have to figure it out by attending situations that would make you feel uncomfortable with the sole purpose of paying attention to your own energy throughout the whole thing.

It will become clear when you’ve had too much, you’ll feel it and then you’ll gradually realize where to draw the line for the future.

2. Aim to schedule stuff in line with these boundaries.

Based on the first point, once you begin to have an idea of where you stand and what you can take before shutting down, it’ll be optimal for you to make plans and schedule events around that mental line. Chances are, if you do it that way, you’ll not only be able but also willing to put your best foot forward and enjoy whatever you planned for what it is while honoring yourself at the same time.

3. Take it seriously or it’ll backfire.

The introvert hangover sounds funny but it is a real thing you have to identify and accept in your life. Not recognizing its effects and brushing over it as if it’s nothing will accumulate over time in the manner of bottled-up feelings and mental self-harm that might lead to bad habits, worsening existing ones and extended unhealthy isolation.