3 Ways to Promote Acceptance for Yourself as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

12/7/2021 1 min read

1. Understand that introversion is not a disorder.

People with an introverted personality are consciously social and often feel uncomfortable and drained from social situations involving a lot of people. We have our own way of going through life and that is completely normal. Introverted traits can be confused or shared with shyness, social anxiety and so forth but they’re not inherently part of what makes an introvert an introvert.

Research and you’ll find introverts make up a large percentage of the world population besides the fact that there are and will always be well-known people in history that are introverts, educate yourself and realize you are not an alien even if you feel like one sometimes!

2. Be loud about what you like or don’t like in life.

Be comfortable expressing your choices vocally, as an introvert this helps tremendously and believe me when I say it’s one thing to overthink it in your head and another to actually make an open bold statement about yourself and what you stand for. This can be for the simplest things like the kind of food you like to intricate philosophical questions about life.

3. Realize you’re not missing out.

There’s an opportunity cost for everything we do in life, you can always be doing something else instead of one thing or another and that makes sense, taking that into account will help you cultivate balance in what you end up doing. What doesn’t make sense though is basing your life happiness on what you think you’re missing out on based on other people’s activities (especially extroverted ones), this will put you in a vicious circle of doubting yourself.

Remind yourself the obvious that each person has their own life to live and you are the one setting your standards for your own happiness, not movies, not social media, and certainly not what your extroverted acquaintances are doing while you’re sitting at home alone.