4 Introvert Problems

Marios Nydras

12/4/2021 1 min read

1. People often just don't get you.

Whether it entails not understanding the need for alone time or them going over the threshold of an informal personal boundary, principle or priority you have set for yourself, people are bound to just don’t get you sometimes.

2. Writing is easier than talking.

We aren’t always ready to respond to something on the spot. It’s not unusual to rehearse something beforehand and end up not covering half of the internal monologue in person for us. The end result might even be more awkward and sub-optimal than prepared for, no matter how meticulously it was done.

3. Your actions can be unexplainable.

It’s a fact that as introverts we live inside our head, lost in thought and often zoned out at varying intervals throughout the day that do not necessarily care about where we are or what we’re doing. This in turn affects our mood and how we’ll be handling any given situation, it governs our actions and responses and the justification we give (if we give it) can be far from rational because all that matters is that what follows remedies our feeling at the time.

4. You just don’t have the energy.

Some days you just don’t have the energy for anyone at all, even your best friend or someone you can be yourself with. You know that kind of day from the moment you wake up and you’ll do your best to avoid anything that might include even the slightest interaction, in person or on the internet.