4 Problems Introverts May Have to Face With Their Parents

Marios Nydras

12/15/2021 1 min read

1. Whatever you're doing is not good enough because it hasn't been "acknowledged" by other people.

As introverts, we keep to ourselves and when we make a decision to do something it is a result of an internalized thought process where we have weighed the good and the bad through our own research. In terms of how it may seem to your parents though, to the outside you’re just a person sitting alone all the time, not talking to anyone, avoiding social interactions and not having many friends, basically “wasting your life”.

Therefore there’s no social proof or reference from people who are engaged in society so in their eyes your endeavors are skewed until proven otherwise and you may have to take a lot of flak for that.

2. You may catch the vibes that you're "good-for-nothing" because you're not adhering to social norms.

This is the feeling when they don’t necessarily have to say it but your intuition catches it in the air. The thoughts that you must be problematic, depressed or other colorful assumptions that can wreck your mentality the younger you are because you’re not following social expectations and standards of society. Consequently they see major issues and you need help to have any hope of doing anything in this world.

3. No respect or understanding of personal space whatsoever.

Alone time and personal space are of crucial importance to an introvert but that is not always understood by people and your parents may be no different. Whether it’s barging into your room for whatever reason, trying to come up with things to drag you out from the “mess you’re in” or anything else, this is a prevalent problem that boundaries may partially solve depending on the nature of your parents.

4. Being asked: "Why are you in your room all the time?"

The love introverts have for privacy and the hours we can spend in our own company can easily fuel misconceptions and whether with good intentions or simply inability to understand, your parents might naturally prod you for this.