4 Signs You’re Mentally Checked Out as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

12/25/2021 1 min read

1. You feel zoned out, as if you are dreaming.

You’re awake and going through the motions of whatever it is you have to do but you’re merely seeing the world through your eyes as you’re detached and trippy.

2. You want to be alone no matter the cost.

Your priority is to retreat to your quiet place for alone time as soon as possible. Anxiety, depression and all sorts of negative thoughts creep in the more you delay it, you don’t just want to be alone now, you need it.

3. You're on edge and every little thing has the capacity to get on your nerves.

You’re not exactly yourself and at this point you can make a big deal out of situations that are not as bad as you perceive them to be.

4. No matter how much you sleep, if you don't get enough quiet time, you just remain tired.

If you have pushed yourself too far out of your comfort zone consistently while not having sufficient alone time to recharge (due to interruptions or life being life), a good night’s sleep or a nap won’t do much.