4 Things I Need to Be Happy as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

12/12/2021 1 min read

1. My work needs to add meaningful value to society based on my own principles.

I need my work to have a purpose that satisfies my own moral compass as well as standards. Paying bills is a reality that inevitably catches up to you and compromises need to be made sometimes.

However on the background I’ll always be working to find a way to make life a bit better for someone else, grant them a relatable thought, a brief smile, possibly happiness in their life in some way or whatever else as long as I’m not feeding my skills into cultivating things that are bad for someone’s health or life for the sake of money. Time has shown I can tolerate this but not for long.

2. A place I can go to whenever I need to be alone.

This is an absolute must-have for me, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a place that belongs to me though that would be ideal, the only requirement is that I can be fully alone there undisturbed for long periods of time until I decide I’ve self-directed everything in my head to its place and I’m ready to go on doing whatever it is I should be doing.

3. The "luxury" to live a simple life.

For me personally a good life isn’t what’s displayed in mainstream movies, social media or what society deems as the norm. The greatest luxury for me is not suffering from any problems (health or financial) that greatly limit your ability to experience life.

With that out of the way, I can focus on the simple things like a walk in nature, a good conversation, a drink with a friend, caressing the grass somewhere and experiencing my senses while looking around at the world recognizing how many people don’t have that.

4. A high-quality pair of headphones.

Not all things need to have a deep meaning, at this point I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more hours wearing headphones listening to music and getting lost in my thoughts than not. It helps with insulating me from the outside world and focusing whether I’m working or enjoying some free time. Funnily enough any gift I’ve ever been given genuinely has been headphones so there’s that.