5 Disgusting Tendencies You Should Banish From Your Life as an Introvert

Marios Nydras

12/11/2021 1 min read

1. Using introversion as an excuse for your problems.

Introversion is a personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings rather than external stimulation, it’s not a wild card to be thrown around whenever we feel life is not treating us the way we think it should. It’s obnoxious to see people not taking responsibility for their own shortcomings and using a blanket patch like a personality trait to avoid owning up to their own problems.

We’re actively sabotaging our own mentality, identifying our issues and dealing with them will help us accept and vastly improve ourselves.

2. Assuming that deep emotions are exclusive to introverts.

I’m tired of seeing people happily consuming and enforcing the entire advocacy around introverted personality types painting introverts as the only ones capable of feeling deep emotions and being better than everyone else who is deemed as shallow and loud.

3. Thinking you’re superior to others just because you’re an introvert.

In addition to the point above, we’ll just be self-centered condescending people and frankly we deserve all the shit coming our way if we support these ideas so filter and most importantly think on anything served under that veil. It’s more like propaganda rather than something valuable in my eyes.

4. Bitching about being misunderstood but doing nothing to improve your communication skills.

We’re not the only ones feeling misunderstood in this world, introversion is not the only culprit of our issues as people and while it sure isn’t easy being verbal as an introvert that doesn't mean we should bluntly reject trying all-together.

It’s okay to suck at communication, what’s not okay is not trying to get better at it. Make no mistake, it’s not for the sake of other people but for the sake of your own damn self and mentality in life.

5. Thinking your way is ”the way” and not challenging your beliefs.

Lastly, challenge your beliefs, refine your ideas and learn new things, blindly denying any argument just because “you’re an introvert” could be the key factor that’s keeping you from truly discovering things about yourself that you would never imagine. Not everything is set in stone so don’t let a personality trait define you, treat yourself as someone who doesn’t know shit and you’ll learn more.