About Me

Who am I?

My name's Marios Nydras, I'm 26 years old and I'm from Greece. I currently live in the northern suburbs of Athens and work for myself as a graphic designer. I appreciate the simple things in life and as an introvert I naturally spend plenty of time alone or with a few good friends every now and then.

What's this about?

It's my endeavor as a digital creator to build a place of relatable quotes, thoughts and insights for people who are introverted to find sanctuary in and develop themselves through. The content is sprinkled with bits of wisdom, psychology and philosophy meant to provoke thought and the exchange of various ideas and perspectives. Ultimately, if even one person in the world finds value here, it's a win for me.

Why am I doing this?

One of the things I need to be happy in life is that my work needs to add meaningful value to society based on my own principles. I need it to have a purpose that satisfies my own moral compass as well as standards otherwise something's missing from the equation. Introverted Insights is a way to satisfy that need, learn from and help people in the process.